An anime that has been making waves online is finally getting its full-length theatrical release.

The anime adaptation of Shogakukan ‘s Aeon FLUX manga is set to be released on November 16, the same day the new season of Aeon is slated to begin.

The theatrical release of the first season was delayed by five years due to a series of delays in production.

However, the anime adaptation has now been green-lit, and will now premiere on November 23.

It is set for a theatrical release on November 26.

The series of seven anime shorts, which debuted in February 2018, tells the story of the titular heroine, Aeon, and her friendship with a boy named Shogaku.

The manga has inspired a number of manga spin-offs and anime movies.

The show has been receiving strong reviews.

Shogaki has said that the show has inspired many young people, as well as other anime fans.

The anime adaptation was even named one of the best anime films of 2018 by ANN, and was chosen by the Japanese Academy of Film and Television Arts for its “deep” themes of friendship and friendship with people, and the bonds they form.