“Benny” Season 6 is in its third and final episode, which has been airing for more than a year now and sees the show slowly move into its next season. 

Its episodes are mostly about Benny’s struggles to cope with his new role as a doctor, but its also filled with emotional scenes as well. 

Episode 10, “Songs of Hope”, features an emotional scene between Benny and his wife, who is very much in love with him. 

This is one of the few scenes where the couple’s relationship is really explored and the show is able to show us how much they’ve struggled together. 

It’s a really lovely scene and one of my favourite parts of the episode. 

In this episode, the episode ends with Benny singing a song about how much he loves his wife. 

I was really blown away by how well that scene turned out, especially in hindsight, because Benny is not the only one struggling with the role. 

The other characters in this episode also struggle with the new role. 

 One of the other main characters, Dr. Joo-jin, is in love with Benny and it becomes evident that he has issues with his relationship with his wife and it’s very clear he has a lot of self-loathing. 

Benny’s new relationship with Dr. Jin is very well realised and the way Benny describes his relationship to Jin in this scene makes it clear that he is very happy to be with Jin. 

However, this scene has a dark undertone to it. 

“Songs” is the most emotional episode of Season 6 so far, and it is also one of those episodes where it’s hard to know what to think. 

While there are definitely good things to say about this episode (particularly when we get to the end), there are also some very dark things about it that make it one of, if not the most, emotional episodes in Season 6. 

As a whole, Episode 8 is probably the best episode of the season so far and is a great example of how BENNY can be so positive and uplifting in a really sad and dark situation. 

Overall, Season 6 has been a very good season for Bennys’ character, but Season 7 is going to be even better. 

With Dr. Joos-jin still being a villain, BENNys struggle with his new role and the characters struggles with each other, it’s clear that the show wants to do more of a different kind of show. If Benys continues to be this positive and uplifting character then he will continue to get more episodes. 

He is definitely going to get a lot more episodes and he will continue to grow as a character. 

So far, Dr Joos has played a very big role in the story of the show, and Episode 7 is definitely the season that Benson has been waiting for. 

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