Chernobyl dramas will be shown on TV4 in the UK from tomorrow, the broadcaster announced today.

Dram rapper E.B.F. will be featured in a new drama called ‘A Small, Yet Important, Moment’.

Dram store act E. B.

F will be in a drama called The Story of E.S.I.

S (the Story of The Secret Ingredient).

The drama will air on TV3 from Monday, November 11.

The drama is produced by A+B Drama and directed by Tom Daley.


B F is a rapper from Brighton, who in 2008 founded a rap duo called B.R.A.C.T.

R (B.


A-R.T.) and released his debut album ‘Chernobyl Drama’.

He went on to release three albums, ‘A Little Bit Of A Hero’, ‘D.R.’ and ‘Hang Up & Die’.

In 2013, E.F.’s music became a hit for his band’s new song ‘A Lot Of Sunshine’, which featured in the video for ‘Lucky’.


B F also has a history with the music industry.

In 2015, he produced a single for the band B. R.

A .


I (Brianna’s A-Team).


F said: “I am thrilled to be working with A+M Drama on this epic drama for the first time.

We have worked together on so many projects over the years.

We are thrilled to bring this epic to life and hope you enjoy watching it.”

The drama was originally commissioned by the Chernobyl International Film Festival, but later turned into a miniserie.

The miniserys are being filmed on the site of the nuclear power plant in the Belarusian city of Chernobyl.

The first two episodes will air next week on TV5 in the United Kingdom.

Drama is part of BBC One’s ‘The Great British BAFTA’.