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How to watch the worst teenage drama movies

Teen drama movies tend to fall into two categories: “tamed drama” and “total drama.”Both categories tend to focus on the actions of teenage characters, who often struggle to fit in with their peers, and have a lot of self-doubt and lack of confidence in their own abilities.In total drama, they struggle to find their place […]

Police investigating ‘suicide note’ suicide plot

Authorities are investigating a suicide note that allegedly was written by a North Korean soldier who reportedly killed himself in a military base.The note, posted on the internet, claimed he had shot himself in the head after a disagreement with his commander, according to Yonhap News Agency.According to Yonap, the military is investigating whether the […]

How to Stop Watching Japanese Dramas

I know you’re not going to like this article.I know you’ll say, “What’s the point?”You’re probably right, because I’m just going to say it anyway.But I want to share something with you: If you want to stop watching Japanese dramas, stop watching anime.That’s right.And I don’t mean stop watching shows that you think are cute.I […]

Why Japan loves anime again

Japan is in the midst of a love frenzy after the world’s most popular anime series, Sword Art Online (SAO), debuted in July 2016.In 2017, SAO returned to theaters with the release of Sword Art Arden: Arcanum (Sword Art Online: The Official Movie) on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.Sword Art Arcana: The Movie was released […]

How to watch Love Action Drama 2017-2018

It’s hard to know where to begin when watching Love Action Dramas, which are not often the kind of films that are screened for the world to see, but they’re among the best.The genre was created by Korean director Lee Min-ho and is currently being explored in South Korea, the U.S. and Japan.You can watch […]

How to Survive a Plague of Spammers

If you have never heard of a spammers’ scam, or a scam that uses spam to trick you into downloading malicious software, here’s a quick refresher.A spammers scam is when a computer virus or malware, which can include a virus, ransomware, worm, trojan, trojans, or spyware, gets into your computer.A malware scam is a form […]

The Lad: Drama from the Heart

An award-winning drama written and directed by Shin-Erik Kim is set to become a cult classic in Japan.Airing this September, The Lad is a comedy with a heart of truth, set in the 1970s.As the story goes, a young boy who goes by the nickname The Lad has a secret, and the world around him […]

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