Dont be surprised if the news about bitcoin continues to dominate headlines in 2018, even though its main rival, Ethereum, has taken more than a year off to celebrate its second birthday.

That has given the cryptocurrency its first full year in 2018 without any major setbacks, and it has not missed a beat.

The cryptocurrency’s price on Monday reached a new all-time high, hitting $9,000 per coin.

That’s more than four times its value at the end of March, when it traded at around $600.

Ethereum’s price has also climbed by a significant margin since last October, when its price dropped from $1,000 to $400.

It’s been trading at a price above $10,000 since the start of February.

The two are still trading in a price war, but that’s changing, according to bitcoin analyst Ben Goertzel of Crypto Capital Markets.

The two currencies have been trading on different tracks for the past month, with Ethereum trading in an upward trend.

But the two are no longer trading on a par.

The pair is trading at $10.8, a more than 10 percent increase from a week ago.

But it still has not reached the heights of $10 per coin in the past 12 months, which is why Ethereum is trading higher, Goertz wrote in a note to clients on Monday.

The bullish sentiment surrounding Ethereum is also showing up in the cryptocurrency’s prices.

Ethereum prices rose to $11,400 in the first week of January.

They are now trading at about $11.4.

That compares with the current price of $9.3 per coin at the start, according the cryptocurrency price index.

But the cryptocurrency still has a ways to go to reach $1 trillion in market cap, Goetzel said.

And as it stands now, the two currencies’ price is still way out of sync with one another.

The other big news from the year is bitcoin’s growth.

In fact, the cryptocurrency has taken a more dramatic turn in 2018 than in any previous year, according an analysis by CoinDesk.

Bitcoin is now trading above $1.4 trillion.

It is up about 15 percent in just one year, from around $1 billion in January 2017 to more than $1 quadrillion.

The increase in the price of bitcoin is the biggest one-day rally in almost two decades, said Andrew Ross Sorkin, the chief executive of cryptocurrency research firm CryptoCompare.

It was even bigger in the second quarter, when bitcoin surged nearly 200 percent.

Bitcoin has increased by more than 50 percent over the past year, said Sorkins.

But that is only part of the story.

“The price is up because of the surge in demand for cryptocurrencies.

That makes it seem like the price will continue to rise.

But when you consider that the number of people using cryptocurrency is still tiny, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a price increase,” he said.

Bitcoin’s rapid rise has not been driven by governments or central banks.

Rather, it has been driven mostly by speculation and speculation fueled by China’s anti-monetary policy.

That is an issue for some in the world’s second-largest economy.

Beijing has banned bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and is threatening to impose tariffs on foreign exchanges and other digital currencies.

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have skyrocketed in value in recent months, with the total market cap now more than twice that of the U.S. dollar.

As a result, the world has lost about $2 trillion in value, said Ross Sorg, a senior portfolio manager at the money market fund BMO Capital Markets in London.

Sorkin believes the cryptocurrency bubble is more than just speculation.

“I don’t think we’re seeing the endgame.

It will all come down to what happens with China and the rest of the world,” he wrote.