The mother of a toddler with autism was the internet’s top trending topic for the second straight week after she shared the story of her journey to the top of the charts.

Viki Kim, 34, became the most viewed tweeter in Korea on Saturday after sharing her story on Instagram of having her child with autism.

“I’m so excited that my child was diagnosed with autism at a very young age,” Viki told ABC News.

“I thought I would die with autism, but my child is still alive and doing great, I have so many emotions right now, I love him and I think he’s so much better than I ever thought he could be.

I’m also really proud of my child and the family that I raised him with.”

Viki’s story of overcoming bullying and a lack of supportive support has been shared more than 11 million times.

Her post attracted more than 12 million likes.

When Viki first learned that her child had autism, she struggled with the decision to have the baby.

She said she had a difficult time understanding why her son would be so different from other children and wanted to give him the best possible life.

The toddler has been with Viki’s family since they moved from a small town in Korea’s east to Victoria, in Australia’s south-west.

After her first ultrasound, Viki was told that she was pregnant.

Her first child, Kai, now six, was born on March 2, 2018.

Viki said she decided to name her second child Viki Kim after her son, which means “daughter”.

“She is the one that I love the most,” she said.

“And I want to share my story to people.”

Viking’s baby The story of a young family’s journey to fame is nothing new.

In the 1980s, singer and songwriter Erik Larson had his first child named after him.

And in 2013, singer/songwriter Natalie Maines and her husband of three years, Brian, welcomed their first daughter, Mia.

Mia was born in June 2017 and her name is now Viki.

Last year, Vikis daughter, Kai was diagnosed as having autism, which meant he needed to be cared for with an adult.

He has since been adopted by Viki, and he is a social outcast and often feels isolated and bullied at school.

His mom says she is now so proud of her child.

“I feel like I have become the mother that he needs,” she told ABC TV’s Today.

Korea’s social media giant Viki has gained an enormous following as a result of her story.

At one point, she had more than 4 million followers on Instagram.

ABC News contacted her for comment, but her rep told us she was “just in shock” over the story.

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