The doctors who treat patients in Kollam, a village near Kolkatta, say they’ve found a solution to a shortage of doctors in their area.

The government has created an office in the state capital to oversee doctors in the area and have hired two full-time doctors from neighbouring Bihar to oversee the new clinic.

Dr. Bhaskar Gupta, a Kollan doctor who runs the hospital, says the office will be set up in an area with a shortage in doctors.

“We have to ensure that the demand for doctors is not just confined to Kollim.

We need a full-fledged clinic to ensure the safety of the patients,” he said.

A Kollana man who declined to give his name because he is not authorised to speak to the media said that the government had given him three months to complete the work.

He said that while the government has hired doctors from Bihar, the Kollans have not been given any jobs.

“We have been asked to wait two months for our job to be filled.

We are still waiting,” he added.

The Kollas have long complained about the shortage of trained doctors in Kovalam, the city of Kolkataka’s biggest city, which has about 500,000 residents.

In March, Kollanas in Kalinga district filed a petition with the state government demanding the appointment of 100 more doctors.

In October last year, Kolkatan authorities appointed an independent body to investigate complaints against the shortage and recommended the creation of a new health facility in the city.

The Independent Commission for Health Services, an autonomous body of Kollannas, was tasked with appointing a new head of the health department, the first step towards bringing back doctors.

But the commission has yet to take up the matter.

The health department has been asked by the Kovalas to submit a plan for the construction of a hospital by June.