More than a few people have been in awe of this week-old Serie A title race and the new season, and as usual there are a few things to consider.

But in terms of how the game will unfold, the main thing to take away from the derby between Napoli and Udinese is that there’s a lot more at stake than the two clubs who have both won the Italian title this season.

This is a big game, with three games between the top two teams, but the outcome could be more important than what the two sides score in the last 10 minutes. 

The winner of the derby will go through to the next round in the Champions League, and the winner of this game could well be crowned the best in Serie A. Aston Villa have a fantastic team who have had a fantastic season, but with the Premier League season over, they’re left with no Champions League or Europa League qualification for next season, leaving them without a real path to the knockout stages of the Champions league. 

Juventus, who are currently second in Serie B, have an even better squad and will be aiming to go into the Champions FA Cup final, and will need a big win in Napoli to ensure that they reach the final. 

For Udinese, the two games are important because they’re going up against a very strong team in Juventus, but also because the two teams are separated by just one point from each other, meaning that Napoli are guaranteed a place in the final, whereas Udinese will have to go through Napoli. 

Napoli are in the midst of a rebuilding phase, having just lost three players and are now looking to rebuild a squad that won Serie B last season.

They have been rebuilding for the last two years, but have been successful so far, and have had the best season in Serie D so far. 

Djibril Cisse, Alessandro Nesta, and Alessandro Pirlo have all been left out of the team, with Cisse playing in the team’s opening Champions League qualifier against Benfica.

Udinese have a strong squad in the squad, but there’s no guarantee that they will be able to hang on to the title next season. 

I’ve also heard reports that Udinese are looking to buy a player to replace the injured Diego Godin, who is now back at the club after a spell on loan at Benfic, but this is unlikely to happen because of their financial position.

Udini are also struggling with injuries, with Leonardo Bonucci, Luca Turin, and Marco Vitoria all missing significant amount of time.

Udine will have a tough time keeping up with the likes of Napoli, and with a tough fixture list, they’ll be forced to rely on the team that’s winning the league, but if Udinese do manage to stay in the race, they will have the better squad, and Napoli will be forced into a tough game, where they’ll need a lot of luck to get the better of Udinese. 

There’s still time to go, but as I said, the stakes are very high. 

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