A cryptic message posted on Reddit on Saturday has revealed the clue that could lead to the mystery of the man who left his £1m Rolex watch in a dumpster in a park.

Reddit user “the_viking_sniper” posted a photo of the watch in the back of a car parked outside a shop, which he claimed was a replica.

He wrote: “A photo posted by the_vike_s Sniper (@the_sni) on Nov 18, 2017 at 12:14pm PST “A man in his 40s was seen sitting in the car, sitting in a car park, on the street in the dark.

“This is what it says, what’s it saying?” “

It is unclear whether the man is a police officer or not, and whether he has a warrant for his arrest. “

This is what it says, what’s it saying?”

It is unclear whether the man is a police officer or not, and whether he has a warrant for his arrest.

The posting was made a few days after the man left his Rolex in the park at the same time as the mystery surrounding the man’s disappearance became a major international story.

In the post, the anonymous user wrote: ‘This is my first clue.

‘I know it’s cryptic, but I want you to know what I’m doing here.

“‘You need to find this watch.

‘”The police will know that the watch was found in a bag on the corner of the street, but the police will not know what happened to it until they have the full picture of what happened and what it is worth.’

The post has now been removed, but Reddit users have been posting their own theories about the mysterious figure.

A Reddit user has written that they believe the man in the photo was ‘one of the local police’.

Redditors have also suggested that the man may be a member of the armed forces, as police are known to wear uniforms.

On Saturday, Reddit user “dubdub” posted: ‘So I’ve been wondering about the man sitting on the hood of the car.’

He said he was a member and that he would ‘like to see the picture’ and added: ‘It’s in the background, so I would like to see if there is a way to take it out and look at it and maybe find out who is the guy sitting on it.

”If you want to help me find it, just go to the address that the police have listed on the picture and search for ‘the man in a police uniform’.’

Then you will have to ask him why he has the police uniform on and if he has any warrants for his arrests.’

Reddit user ‘the_darth_nod’ suggested the man was a police informant, who may be able to give clues about the mystery.

Redditor ‘ferna’ said: ‘I think this man is probably a police detective or maybe a friend of the police.’

Another Reddit user, ‘gothladygosh’, suggested the mystery could be a scam.

Other users suggested the suspect was someone from the military or an ex-police officer.

One user wrote on Reddit: ‘A friend of mine has this guy.

They have a fake police badge.

It says ‘military police’.’

They are wearing camouflage uniforms.’

A Reddit commenter, ‘The_Viking_Sniper’, added: ‘Is this a police agent or a member or someone of the military?”

The police officer would have a police badge on.

I dont know.

If the man has the badge on, he would probably have a warrant.’

The mystery has attracted more than 1,000 posts, with many people commenting on the cryptic clues.