The hashtag #StopSmithdrama is trending on Twitter right now.

It refers to the Smith drama that has been plaguing social media for several days.

Smith’s wife and former co-star Rachel Bilson tweeted that Smith was “disgusted” by his former cohosts’ tweet about her husband.

Smith called out the tweet on Thursday.

“I’m disgusted by the tone of that tweet, but I also realize how wrong it is,” Smith said at a news conference.

“This is not about me.

This is about the tone and the content of the tweet.”

On Friday, Smith’s publicist told Mashable that he had not seen the tweet.

The tweet was “disturbing,” he said.

“He’s disgusted with the tone.

The tone is disturbing and not in the spirit of comedy.”

Smith also called out other news organizations for not doing enough to cover the Smith saga.

“If the media didn’t cover this story the way that they should, I don’t think we’d have seen it,” he added.

Smith also spoke to ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

and said he would “never stop working” with his co-stars and their production company, Twentieth Century Fox.

“It’s not my business to know if my daughter is getting her high school diploma,” Smith told Kimmel.

“But I’m going to make sure that she’s getting the best education possible.

So that she doesn’t have to go through something like that.”

The drama has spread from Twitter to the news media and even the entertainment industry.

Smith and Bilson shared their thoughts on Twitter on Friday, including a few quotes from the show’s co-hosts.

The tweets have prompted a number of reactions from Smith’s fans.

“The show is so funny,” Smith tweeted.

“And we have great people on the show, and they’re doing a great job.”

“I love them and I really like the show,” Bilson wrote.

“We’re going to miss them so much.”

On Saturday, Smith tweeted about his cohost and production company.

“My cohost @RachelBilson tweeted out her support for my daughter, and I love that.

She’s been a friend of mine for years,” Smith wrote.

Bilson also responded to Smith, saying, “We are so proud of Rachel and her co-workers, and so proud to be part of their lives.

I’m grateful for them and their dedication to the work we do.”

In a statement to Mashable, Twente said that it is “working hard to get answers from Rachel.”

“The publicist who posted this tweet has contacted Twente, and the matter is being addressed in good faith,” the statement said.

The show was renewed for a fifth season on Wednesday, but Smith’s new co-anchor, Joe Rogan, announced that the show would be canceled.

Rogan’s co, Joe Buck, said on Twitter that Smith had asked him to leave the show.

“To be clear, this is not an offer,” Buck wrote.