A series of manga-inspired anime drama movies, titled Ajin: the Animation, are now streaming online via Crunchyroll and Viki.

The first of the series, released in 2015, is a compilation of shorts that features the voice talents of the likes of Kōji Fujisaki, Ai Kayano, Kenichi Uchikoshi, and more.

The series, which will be available on Netflix and Hulu, was inspired by the works of Japanese author and animator Tatsuya Tachibana.

The films have garnered critical acclaim for their distinctive storytelling and their use of CG animation, which is more prevalent in the anime genre.

The new episodes of Ajin are now available to stream on Crunchywatch, Viki, and VOD.

Below is a rundown of the 10-part anime series.

“Anime no Ii: Kishi no Chikara” The first episode of “Anima no I i: Kisan no Chikyū” premiered in 2017, and the series follows a group of high school students whose lives are suddenly turned upside down when a mysterious force causes a series of earthquakes.

The film stars the voices of Jun Takahashi (The Princess Bride) and Junichi Nakamura (Ao no Exorcist).

“Animesuki” The third episode of the upcoming “AniSuki” series follows high school student and aspiring anime writer Ayako Asahara and her sister Naru, as they work toward their university entrance exams.

The anime will premiere in March 2018.

“Kishinjo no Kishi” The fourth episode of series “Kishi no Kishin” will be released in 2019.

The story follows high-schooler Tatsumi Tachiba (Kōji Takahara) as he embarks on a journey to get his grades up in order to compete for a spot in a top university.

The animated series stars Kōichi Nishikawa (The Powerpuff Girls) as Tatsuhisa Tachira, and Takeshi Kitamura (Matsuri, Aikatsu!) as Takumi Takaishi.

“Matsuribayashi” The fifth episode of this series will debut in 2019 and will follow high schooler Mitsuru Kishi, who has to cope with a lot of things at the same time, including dating, a job at a prestigious music school, and her own feelings.

“Ajin Kishou” The sixth episode of Ainsane anime series “AiKishou,” directed by Takashi Nagayama, will premiere this spring.

It centers on a schoolgirl named Aiko who is looking for love, but who is in the middle of a love triangle.

“Shūsei Kishō” The seventh episode of anime series The Last of Us: Part II, directed by Noboru Ishida, will be out in 2019, and will focus on Ellie, a teenage girl who is searching for her missing friend and the other survivors of the mass extinction.

The movie stars Ellen Page (Ghostbusters) as Ellie and Keiichiro Ishikawa (Daredevil, The Powerpuff Girl) as Eli.

“Takahashi no Mitsuwa” The eighth episode of season 2 of anime “Tāzō Kishouni,” directed in part by Kazuhiro Ishikawa, will air in 2019 on TBS.

The title of the story follows a girl named Riku as she attempts to break up with her boyfriend.

“Yuri and Mitsuwara” Episode of the first season of “Yuri and Messara” will premiere at the end of the year.

“Iwate no Shū” The ninth episode of Japanese anime series of “Iwatashi no Shō,” directed, produced, and produced by Masami Ushijima, will debut at the beginning of 2020.

The show centers on the story of a young boy named Hikaru, who lives in a village where there are no supernatural beings.

The cast also includes Tomomi Oka as Hikaru’s father and Shōya Tomatsu as his grandfather.

“Chikyū Hōgaku” The tenth episode of a 10th season of anime, titled “Chibiru no Hikari,” will premiere on September 10, 2020.

A young girl named Chibiru becomes the new headmaster of her school.

The director of this anime is Hiroyuki Inoue (The Wind Rises, A Certain Scientific Railgun).

“Aizen” The eleventh episode of AniSukai series “Ozawa no Ota” will air on September 16, 2020 and will be directed by Tetsuya Mizushima.

The two-hour series stars Tomoko Nishimura as Izumi, who is one of the seven members of the Ota clan.

“Nishiko no Tak