The title “The Great Huntsman” may not have much in common with the “Hunger Games,” but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to love about it.

HULUS newest drama series “The Greater Hunt” is set in the near future where the world is in a state of chaos, and humanity has been thrown into the midst of a global pandemic.

The show stars actor Lee Jae-woon, who plays a soldier who gets caught up in the conflict between the countrys government and the mysterious “Huntersman,” an old man with mysterious powers who has recently appeared in person.

He is said to be a mysterious figure who is always lurking, often appearing in the background of scenes.HULU is known for its quirky humor and drama, and “The Hunt” might just be the perfect show for those who enjoy a good dose of dark humor.

Lee Jae Woon’s performance in the role is especially strong.

Lee and the rest of the cast are also able to play the roles of “The Huntersman,” who has been around for centuries, and their new counterparts, who are only able to see him through the eyes of their eyes.

Lee also brings a strong comedic element to the role.

The cast has been known for their humorous banter throughout the years, but this is the first time the show has really found humor with its characters.

This is also the first HULUs first Korean drama series to be available in English.

The drama is currently airing on

Watch the trailer for “TheGreatHuntsman” below.