Roger Federers is in the US final after beating Andy Murray on Sunday to win his second Wimbledon title.

The Swiss legend’s winning margin of 1-0 in the second set of the match on court 19 was his biggest in his career. 

“It’s amazing how this game works, because this game is so simple,” Federer said after the match. 

He added: “It’s just tennis.

There’s no emotion.

Just the game. 

Federer’s winning edge came after two days of tense negotiations with Murray, who had previously called the match a “dud” and refused to play until the last minute. 

Murray has also been forced to play the final at the WTA Finals after the Australian had a knee operation. 

A win for Federer would send him to a quarter-finals tie with Roger Feders former opponent Stan Wawrinka and a fifth-round tie with Nadal. 

(AP: Kevin Winter)Murray had won six titles in a row when Federer beat him in last year’s final.

Federer is currently tied with Nadals No 1 seed Tomas Berdych with nine titles.

He is currently five behind Murray in the rankings. 

The last time Federer lost to Murray in an eight-set tie was in 2012. 

After Murray’s injury, the two players will face off on court 18 in front of an estimated crowd of 10,000 in the United States. 

What to watch for in the final match of the US Tennis Open final against Roger Feder and Andy, on court 16 in New York on Tuesday: Federing will need to improve his game after dropping the first set in the first match.

He had a shot of putting up a win on Sunday but lost the third set 5-4. 

In the third match of this two-set battle, Federer will have to stay on the court with the ball, which will be harder on the Australian. 

It’s unclear if Federer has been training to face Murray since he broke his right foot in the fourth round of the Australian Open. 

Both players are set to travel to New York to face the rest of the top 10 players on court. 

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