It’s the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, which stars Winona Ryder as Eleven, the titular heroine of the series.

The new season is set to premiere on April 17.

The show has attracted a slew of other big-name stars, including Will Arnett, Gaten Matarazzo, and the late, great Alan Alda.

However, many fans were not happy with the show’s premiere.

Some have criticized the show for being too dark, while others have said that the series could be better.

Here’s what you need to know about Stranger Things season three.


It’s a long ride for Stranger Things’ third season.

Stranger Things Season 3 will wrap up on April 13, 2017.

That’s a little over a year after the first season of the Netflix series premiered.

In that time, fans have seen the arrival of Eleven and have seen how she deals with the fallout from the death of her father, Caleb.

As she prepares to leave town, she meets a young girl named Eleven, played by Winona Rose.

It turns out that Eleven’s real father is the one who murdered her mother and left her to die.

This discovery triggers a series of events that will change the course of Stranger Things.

The series is set in 2019, and it centers around the return of Caleb and his friends, The Upside Down.


It is not as dark as we feared.

Stranger is not a dark show.

The third season picks up just a few months after Eleven leaves for Hawkins, Indiana, where she lives with Caleb’s family.

Caleb is in his mid-30s, but he is not completely consumed by the grief that he experienced during his father’s murder.

He has a job as a bouncer at the local bar, and he is also in the midst of a relationship with a woman named Millie, played wonderfully by Winonna Ryder.

Caleb also has an old friend, played well by the brilliant David Harbour.


There are plenty of other characters in Stranger Things that are not so dark.

Eleven has a new boyfriend, Mikey, played in this season by Finn Wolfhard.

Eleven and Mikey’s relationship is complicated by the fact that Mikey was once a member of the Upside-Down, and Eleven was the one that had to leave her family and live in Hawkins.

The friendship is so complicated, in fact, that Mikeys father, Donny, is a villain in the first two seasons of the show.

This season, though, it is Will and Lucas who are trying to get through their own grief by finding a way to save the world.


Stranger fans have a lot to be excited about.

Stranger and its sister series Stranger Things are both based on the books by Margaret Atwood.

While both series are set in an alternate timeline, there is no such thing as an exact timeline in Stranger things.

The characters are not always the same.

One of the most notable changes is the fact in Stranger that the city of Hawkins, and everything in it, has been rebuilt.

This new city is home to the Upsides, who have been transformed into supernatural creatures called the Upsiders.

The city has become a place where people live in a constant state of fear and fear-mongering.

These are the people who take to the streets to fight for what they believe in.

As a result, the city has been transformed in the past two years into a place of wonder and optimism.

This is a city that is not quite the same, but that is also not quite an alternate world.


Stranger’s new season picks apart the first three seasons.

In the first series, we see the Upsiding Down.

We also see the rise of a new antagonist, a group of mysterious men called The Order.

Eleven’s father, Frank, is one of these new characters.

He’s an actor who starred in several films.

His name is Frank Castle.

His character, Frank Underwood, is the mastermind behind the new organization, the Order.

In Stranger Things we see that Frank is no longer the man who killed his father, and instead he is the leader of the group that is trying to take down the Order, a very powerful organization.


The Order and the new group of characters will have a bigger impact on Stranger Things than any of the previous episodes.

This will be a huge deal for fans of the books.

Stranger was originally written by Atwood and drawn by Philip Pullman, and was released in 1993.

While Pullman’s original books are still in print, Stranger Things is the first book of a planned series that Atwood would write after her death in 2016.

The first book was also a major factor in Atwood’s death.

Pullman died in 2017.


The story of Stranger things will not be the only thing that will be changing in the future of Stranger.

The world of Stranger will be in a state of constant change as it adapts to the Stranger