Korean drama lists are nothing new, but they’re often filled with popular titles and popular stars.

It’s a popular way for companies to attract new talent, as the companies have the ability to advertise directly to the public.

But the Korean drama industry has grown over the years to become one of the biggest in the world.

According to data from the Korea Film Institute (KFI), there are over 2,700 TV dramas and movies on the air in Korea today, and it’s expected that number will only grow over the next few years.

So here are the top 10 Korean dramas that you’ll want to watch in 2018.1.

KBS DramaCast: Kim Hyun-woo, Kim Ji-man, Choi Jung-hoon, Kim Jung-wook, Kim Woo-woon2.

SBS Drama: Kim Jung Min, Kim Min, Jo Ji-hyeon, Park Jae-yong, Lee Ji-suk3.

MBC Drama: Park Hye-ryeon, Choi Hyun, Park Kyung-hwan, Lee Kwang-soo4.


I Drama: Yoon Young-soe, Yoon Sung-min, Song Hyeon-hee, Kim Jin-sook5.

IFP Drama: Min Hyo-jin, Min Hyung-won, Kim Jong-seok6.

Sgeng Drama: Hwang Jung-sook, Song Ho-jong, Kim Sung-kyung7.

Mnet Drama: Kang Soo-jun, Lee Jung-hyun, Jung Hyeok-su7.


Drama: Lee Sang-hyuk, Lee Jae-ho8.

KTA Drama: Ahn Sung-young, Kim Yeon-kyun, Kim Sang-min9.

KCC Drama: Moon Sang-wah, Kim Jae-won10.

K-pop drama: Park Jong-wol, Jihoon, Hyoyeon