A Scottish man jailed on manslaughter charges has been jailed for life after a jury found him guilty of murder.

Lawyers for Michael Della-Scott, 42, said the jury had a “very clear verdict” that he had killed his wife and two children by drowning them in a river in the Scottish Borders in September 2015.

Mr Della, of Ceredigion, was found guilty by a jury of two counts of manslaughter on Wednesday.

In a statement after the verdict, his lawyers said they hoped the conviction will send a message that a person who kills a family member “should never be free to walk free”.

Mr Dalla was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The family, who were living in Glasgow, have been in Scotland since their son was born.

A spokesman for the family said: “The family would like to thank the Scottish authorities for their hard work in securing justice for the victims.”

It is the duty of every person to seek justice for their loved ones and to ensure that any family members involved in an incident that causes injury or death are properly and adequately protected.

“A Scottish Government spokesman said: ‘We would like the family and friends of Mr Della to know that we are confident the sentence will deter others from similar acts.”

We hope this conviction sends a message to those who cause harm and to those in our community who seek to harm others.”‘

A very clear verdict’A jury at Edinburgh Sheriff Court in Scotland heard that Mr Dalla had a history of violent behaviour and that he and his wife had a four-year-old son.

In court he said he was “in shock and completely devastated” by the events and said he “just didn’t want to do it”.

Mr Jansen told the jury that after he woke up on the morning of the incident he “saw a man standing in the water” and that it was “very cold”.

He said that he called his wife to tell her what he had done.

The couple were in their car on their way to a nearby cottage when Mr Dello “started to swim towards me, and I could see he was trying to get away from me”, the court heard.”

I heard the boat coming and I heard it was about 100 yards away,” he said.”

He was trying desperately to get into the boat, but I just didn’t have the strength to keep him from swimming towards me.”‘

I’m a man of principle’The court heard that the man then “started trying to swim away, but as he was swimming towards the water I saw a man sitting there, he had a gun to his head”.

The court was told that when Mr Jansen confronted the man, he told him he was going to shoot him.”

At that point I just had to stop and I said I would stop and that’s when I got shot in the head,” he told the court.”

The next thing I knew I was floating in the river and I was dead.

“The jury heard that during the trial Mr Jello’s lawyers were “very adamant” that Mr Jellas actions were “completely justified”.’

They knew what they were doing’The jury was told how Mr Jells actions were not “in any way justified” by “any of the circumstances” of the case.

Mr Jellams lawyer also told the jurors that Mr Sells actions “could not have been justified by the circumstances”.

The case was heard on Wednesday morning before the jury at a hearing at the High Court.

The jury took less than two hours to find Mr Dells guilty.

Mr Sells defence said he would appeal against the conviction.

He told the judge that Mr Wills behaviour was “absolutely reprehensible”.

Mr Sellas solicitor said he could not comment on the outcome of the appeal because it was a criminal matter.