An award-winning drama written and directed by Shin-Erik Kim is set to become a cult classic in Japan.

Airing this September, The Lad is a comedy with a heart of truth, set in the 1970s.

As the story goes, a young boy who goes by the nickname The Lad has a secret, and the world around him is slowly crumbling around him.

The Lad’s real name is Han, and he lives in a town called Muroki.

He has two children and has never had a girlfriend, despite his long years of being married to his girlfriend’s sister.

The only other woman he has ever known is his mother, who died when he was just 10.

One day, the local newspaper has a front-page story about a mysterious girl who was supposed to be the next girl Han’s mother.

But the newspaper was a hoax, and Han’s father, who is also his uncle, has no clue about who it is.

The boy goes to see her, and while the girl tells him the truth, Han feels betrayed by her.

He tries to tell her that he loves her, but the girl’s family is suspicious.

Han goes back to the town to meet his uncle and mother, and at the end of the episode, Han confesses his love to the girl and the two have a happy ending.

The story follows a group of friends and their lives after the death of their mother.

The plot is based on the life of a man named Han, who lives alone with his mother and sister.

He is the son of a military officer named Matsu (who also happens to be Han’s grandfather).

The boys’ mother, Yoo-Hyeong, is also a military woman, but her mother is dead.

Yoo Hyeong has a long history of neglecting her family, and she has no idea why.

Han and his sister also live in Murokis house, which is now being renovated and remodeled by a woman named Yoon-Seon (Korean actor Kim Joon-young).

Han and Yoo are in love, and after Yoon Seon has a child, she will be forced to divorce her husband.

Han, however, refuses to take his daughter to the hospital, so Yoon seizes the opportunity to become Han’s girlfriend.

In the next episode, the two get married and Han and the girl are living together in Miroki, but Yoo seizes on the situation and tells Han that he is not her boyfriend, but a boyfriend for the girl.

The two begin dating, and when the boy discovers that he has a crush on Yoo, he becomes angry, and begins to hurt her.

Yoon then gets a restraining order against Han, which Han complies with.

In response, Yoon sets up a plan to blackmail Han, using the girl as bait.

Han tries to keep Yoo in the dark about the plan, but when Yoo’s mother dies, Yoos secret gets out and the plan is exposed.

YOO decides to kill Han to cover up her secret.

Han is forced to run, but is discovered by a mysterious man who has taken the identity of Yoo.

Han then discovers the secret in a notebook written by Yoo and Yoon, who are both alive.

The book describes the plans of a mysterious organization, who have been hiding the identity and location of the organization for years.

Han eventually comes across a man who calls himself Yoo (he also calls himself Han) and the three decide to help each other.

Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil