DALLAS — The “Weird” TV series will premiere in Vancouver, Canada, on April 1, 2018, bringing a new look and feel to the popular television series.

“We have a great time making the show,” said co-creator and star Jessica Mcconaughey in a video released Friday.

“It’s a love story, so we wanted to bring a whole new look to it.”

The show is based on the memoir of TV personality Doreen “Viki” Kwon, who was a contestant on the hit NBC TV show “Weeds.”

The TV series is a remake of Kwon’s memoir and was inspired by her family’s experience living in Korea during the Korean War, and how they overcame adversity.

The series stars Doree Scott and Emily Watson as “Vivi,” an ex-CIA agent who, during the war, returns to the U.S. after her military service.

The show also stars Matthew Broderick as a former CIA operative who now works as a journalist.

“Vikis” is produced by David Simon, who co-created “The Wire” and is known for his work on HBO’s “The Leftovers” and “Westworld.”

Simon is executive producing the new series with Mark Gordon and Mark Wahlberg.

The program will air in Canada, which has been added as an additional market.

“The pilot episode, which is coming soon, will be about Vivi and the group of people she’s with who she’s a part of,” Simon said.

“They’re just incredibly loyal to her, and the show will be very grounded and not feel like the show of the week.”

Simon also said that the new “Weirds” will follow a “vivid, intimate portrait of Vivi’s life, the women who love her and the people who help her through tough times.”

The pilot episode will also focus on Vivi, the “Truly A Love Story” actress who is married to her boyfriend and has a daughter, who she has a son with, and a former boyfriend, who is a cop.

“When you meet somebody and you’re with them for 15 years, you’ve met someone,” said Scott.

“So, we wanted the characters to be real, not just fictional characters.”

In the upcoming series, Vivi will face her former “Weeks” co-star, who will be played by Mccons.

Mccondeghey, who grew up in the Dallas area and graduated from the University of North Texas, said she had been working on the pilot for “three years” and was ready to shoot the pilot.

“I thought that I could just write a script and be done with it,” Mcconthey said.

Mckonaugher and Watson, who also star on “Weetabix,” said they were looking forward to filming the pilot episode.

“A lot of the things that we’re doing now, I’ve done with the show, so I was just excited to do this,” Watson said.

The two-part series is set in a world where “Tweenies” and the original “Weights” were filmed and produced, and includes Vivi as the main character.

“In this world, people are so different, so it was a great fit for this story,” Mckunaugher said.

Watson said she wanted the new episode to take place in a city that was “completely different from the one she grew up with in Dallas.”

“It was a nice change of pace, a place where she could really see what life is really like in Canada,” Watson added.

“She’s really going to have to work hard to be accepted and not be seen as a failure.”

The “Tweedabix” season will include four episodes, with the second installment airing April 13 and the third episode airing April 26.

Mhondegoh said that, as she had previously stated, she wanted to make the new episodes as intimate as possible.

“There are so many people who are so special, who really love this country,” Mhonaughers said.

As for what will happen to Vivi after her time in the military, Mckone said the new installment will be the final one.

“For now, she’s not going anywhere,” Mmcconough said.

It’s not clear how long the series will last, or how much the actors and actresses are making.

“If we’re lucky, it will be two years and a half, but I’m not sure that will work out,” Mwattanaugher joked.

“Maybe three, or four.

I have no idea.”

The new series will also include a new, more comedic version of the popular “Weed” episode, starring a new cast of characters including “Pilot”