Korean dramas have been doing a lot of live-action adaptations for a while now.

Now that the genre has been gaining popularity, many have found themselves adapting dramas to film, which has been a boon for Korean productions.

This has led to some of the biggest hits in the Korean drama genre being dubbed to the big screen in the past few years, such as “Gangnam Style” and “Drama Girl.”

Now, Korean dramas are becoming the go-to source for live-interactive animation (L.I.A.) in the US, thanks to a new streaming service called The Girlfriend Experience.

Now, it seems the Korean language may not be the only one for entertainment to adapt.

In a recent interview with Billboard, a Korean actor revealed that Korean films can be adapted for films in L.

I, as well.

The actor, Jang Dong-sang, stated, “When it comes to the L.U.L. movies, it’s a Korean-only business.

So if the director wants to do a Korean film, it has to be made in L,L.U., but if it’s for American audiences, it can be done in L.”

As for the Korean version of “Turkies” and other Korean dramas, the actor stated, they “can’t be done anywhere else in the world.”