What is a Dram?

is a series of articles on what is the difference between dram, drama, and mama.

Dram, a noun meaning “dramatic or dramatic,” is a term used to describe a show that includes dramatic elements and is usually written in the first person or in first person plural.

For example, if your husband is a dram, you can call him a drammer.

Drama is also an umbrella term for a variety of types of content: dramas, stories, and documentaries.

Some examples of different types of drama include the “drama show” and the “mommy drama.”

Drama shows and movies can also include dramatic characters, such as a mother and a daughter, or a father and a son.

Dram is also a popular term to describe shows that use voiceover narration.

Some shows and films include narration in a narrative form, such a documentary or dramedy.

In terms of how dram is defined, it is used to refer to any type of narrative content that involves dramatic elements.

For instance, a drama series or movie might include an “episodic” component.

An episodic episode, which is usually about one-hour long, may have multiple stories that can be listened to multiple times.

For a dramatic show, such an episode might be about the mother’s illness, her pregnancy, or her son’s death.

For some shows, such shows may be written entirely in first-person plural.

Dram is sometimes used to mean “mom,” “daughter,” “sister,” or “sisters.”

Daughters and sisters are usually referred to as “siblings.”

In terms a baby mama, the term “mom” is usually used to denote a female companion in the family.

In terms of what is a baby, it refers to a person that is not related to the main character.