It’s a tricky question, and one that we all would be happy to answer in a minute.

The season has begun with an exciting run by Juventus, with the two sides playing each other at the Stadio Olimpico, in the city’s central plaza.

But if they were to win the title, they would have to face rivals Juventus, who are also in the final of the Champions League.

With Juventus looking strong, the Bianconeri would have a tough fight to keep the title but would not need to face off against anyone else.

At the moment, Juventus are favourites but we can’t say for sure, as they still have the Italian Cup final to play for.

If you want to take a guess at the outcome, take a look at the table below.

First, we’ll look at who has the upper hand.

Juventus have the upper-hand, with their two victories in the opening round, both against Inter, helping them to a 10-point lead in the standings.

This advantage has continued to increase in recent weeks, with Inter, the second-placed team, having only dropped points in their last six matches, meaning they have only had two losses.

The two teams are currently tied at 14 points, but Juve’s goal difference is greater than that of Inter’s.

Therefore, the Italians are set to beat Inter on Sunday, with Juventus still the favourites.

Second, let’s look at how the rest of the race will unfold.

Inter and Napoli both look like favourites for the title and have both won the Italian Cups, with Napoli winning the treble in 2013 and Napolitano the title in 2011.

However, with Juve currently in the Champions league, and Napolòs title ambitions only getting stronger, there is a lot of competition in the title race.

It’s not just about the top two teams, as there is also competition for third place, as well as the final position.

However the winner of that battle will be the most important in terms of the final standings, and it will be a very important one.

So, we will be taking a look back at the race from the other side of the table.

First up, we have Juventus.

Juventus won the Serie B title in 2014, beating Inter in the quarter-finals, but the team has never won the Champions’ League, nor the Coppa Italia.

This has not stopped them from winning the Coppi, where the team have only lost once in the last 15 seasons.

Juve are currently in sixth place in Serie A, but have been in the competition for the last two seasons.

Therefore it is a real challenge to get to the final, but they are favourites.

This is the first time that Juventus have reached the last four of the competition since 2009, when they finished sixth.

It is also the first season that Juventus has not qualified for the Champions Cup since 2006.

It means that Juve will need to win both the Copps and the Coqpo, which would mean going through a tougher league to do so.

Second on the list is Napoli.

Napoli are in third place in the Serie, but are currently fourth.

They have won both the Italian championships and the Europa League, and have been champions since 2005.

However they are currently looking to become the first team to win three consecutive Coppa Bologna titles.

Therefore Napoli have the advantage in terms the overall standings, but it does not mean they will be able to defend the title against Inter.

Third on the table is Inter.

Inter have been on the up for some time now, and the team are currently one point behind Napoli in the table, with seven games remaining.

In addition to the Coppo, Inter are in fourth place in La Liga, while they also have a game in hand on Napoli at the moment.

Inter are currently favourites, but if they win one of their last two games, they will beat Napoli, thus ensuring that they stay in the top six.

Fourth is Lazio.

Lazio have been very impressive, and won the Cozzolino in 2011 and 2012.

They also have one game in their favor at the minute, as Inter are a point behind them at the top of the standings, with five games to play.

Lazi have won all five of their games this season, including the last five, and Lazio are currently sitting in fourth spot in Serie B, with six games remaining, although they have not won a league game in more than three years.

In fact, Lazio only lost a game last season.

Therefore they have a chance to win all four of their remaining games, and make it to the last eight of the title.

Lazialo have a lot to play, and will need some luck to make it through to the knockout stages, but we will see how the season unfolds and who the favourites will be.

Finally, we’ve