The reboot of Mamma Mia!

is back and looking to be a smashing success.

The network on Wednesday announced that the drama will debut its first season on Feb. 20, 2018.

The series stars Tilda Swinton, Emily Blunt, Sarah Paulson, Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, and Will Arnett.

Fox says the new season will have a new team of writers and stars, as well as new music, and that it will also have a first-look package featuring interviews with key actors and crew members.

In addition to Swinton and Blunt (who also appear in the series), the cast will include Paulson as the lead, as she was in the original.

Jordan is back as Dr. Marlene Marlene, a neurosurgeon who treats patients in the hospital.

And Jordan and Thompson are joined by their other supporting cast members, including Paulson’s sister, Trudy, and Brice Taylor as Drs.

Elizabeth (Brice) and Michael (Will Arnett).

For the first time, Fox is also debuting an episode from the first season.

“Mammas Mia!

returns to television with a brand-new original series that will deliver fresh and original storytelling to a wide-range of audiences and fans,” Fox CEO Dana Walden said in a statement.

Amber Heard, left, and Christina Applegate, who played the roles of the film’s lead and lead actress respectively, during a premiere of the first episode of the new MAMMIA!

season on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) Mamami Mia!

will star Tilda Whitson, Sarah Wayne Callies, Tilda Simon, Tasha LeBeau, Michael Parks, and Tessa Williams.

New additions include Will Arnott as a doctor, Michael Jordan as a psychologist, Tanya Hill as a nurse, and Sarah Paulsen as a police detective.

The new season of Mamamie will be produced by WME and Universal Television.