Dave Hodge, the son of one of the most notorious child sex abuse rings in the country, was a child at the time of the Westminster paedophile scandal.

In a shocking new report into his father’s past, the Coroner for Staffordshire said Mr Hodge was an “unsung hero” in the 1970s and 80s who “served the public interest”.

The Coroner, Mr Thomas Smith, told the inquest in Wirral West that Mr Haney, now 59, was arrested and jailed for his part in the ring.

He had “the greatest integrity, courage and integrity” and he had been “in and out of prison for his own good”, Mr Smith said.

“His father was a good man, an honest man who loved his family and had a great sense of justice,” Mr Smith added.

The court heard Mr Houghton and Mr Hynes were the victims of a massive conspiracy by paedophile groups, including the Jimmy Savile sex abuse ring, the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service, in the UK, and other countries around the world.

Mr Houghtons son Dave, who has now passed away, had told the Coroners inquests inquest that his father had been involved in child abuse, but his claim was denied by both the police and the CPS.

They both denied the claims at the inquest.

After his father was jailed in 1985, he worked as a school administrator and went on to have a successful career.

His son Dave Hoyle is now 59 years old.

It is not the first time Mr Hoyle has been accused of child sex offences.

More to come.