Dramatic Moments: A Comedy’s Meme Contest winner for the 2016 Drama Memes of the Year competition.

(Photo: Courtesy of iHeartMedia)Dramatic Moments was created by actor-comedian Zack Ekeson and his wife, comedian/writer Emily Ziegler, who also wrote the book, The Comedy Bible.

The pair wrote it after they decided they didn’t have time for their three children to go to the movies anymore and decided to write it as a way to entertain themselves.

They started it as an exercise in self-reflection, and it evolved from there.

Each week, they put together a list of the funniest memes they could find and submitted them.

The finalists were judged by the award-winning group of experts who run the competition, including award-nominated comedian/comedian Jeff Ross, actor/comedienne Michael Che, actress Amy Schumer, and comedian/director John Mulaney.

“The more we learned about how memes are being used, the more we realized how important it is to take it seriously,” said Ekesons wife, actress and comedian Zieglers husband, actor and director Justin Timberlake.

“There are so many jokes that are so good that we think are great, but they’re just not funny.”

While the winners of the competition are announced every other week, it’s the most important one this year.

“We really have a lot of work to do to keep it going,” Ekesona said.

“I think it’s going to take a lot more work than I would have thought it would.”

Some of the most popular memes included “I am a superhero, so I’m going to kill this man,” “I like my dick shaved,” and “I don’t like your ass anymore.”

Ekeson said the competition also brought out some hilarious memes from his own show, The Andy Cohen Show, including “The best way to have a date with a guy who is super hot is to put your dick in their mouth,” “It’s time for a new joke, dude!” and “Just give me a hug and you’ll feel better.”

There’s no limit to how funny the memes can be.

A number of them even make a return, including a joke that’s been floating around for a while, which Ekesone told the CBC, “If you look at the internet, there’s so many people who think this is the funnest thing.

But the truth is, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

He said the best memes are often from the past.

“They’re funny because they’re funny, but it doesn’t mean they’re not true,” Ekeson said.

And while Ekesones comedy can be as deep as the current election, he said the real winner is always the person who made the best meme.

“You just have to love your memes and keep doing them,” he said.

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