In the past few years, Japanese dramas have been gaining popularity in the West and are becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world, including Australia.

In 2016, a Japanese drama called The King of Fighters: The Final Showdown was released in the United States.

A year later, a similar Japanese drama, The King’s Story, premiered in Australia, followed by the release of another Japanese drama titled The King and I, in 2017.

This year, a number of Japanese dramas began airing in Europe, including a few Japanese shows from the A-1 Pictures studio in Australia.

It’s easy to see why this is happening.

These shows are full of fun and action, with a strong sense of humor and a strong desire to have fun.

They’re not as serious or as edgy as some of the other Japanese dramas, and they don’t take itself too seriously either.

What’s also interesting about these dramas is that they have a much larger audience in Japan than elsewhere.

Japanese television is heavily focused on the lives of young adults, which makes it appealing to the young Japanese viewer.

The shows tend to be less about the stories and more about the characters and their interactions.

There’s a real sense of family and friendship in these dramas, as well.

But they also have a lot of fun too.

A few years ago, the Japanese show The World is Not Enough was given a revival on the Japanese TV network NHK, and it has since become a cult favorite.

Now, it’s been on a successful run on Netflix.

The show features characters that have had the misfortune of getting involved in a plot involving a group of high school students, and all of them are looking forward to a day when they can finally have some fun.

It has a sense of comedy and fun, and is fun for the viewer, too.

This is a perfect example of why Japanese dramas are such a hit in the U.S. It also makes sense that Japanese television would be able to pull in a wider audience in the States.

Japanese dramas also tend to air on the weekends, when most people aren’t around.

This allows for a more intimate look at the lives and lives of people who may not otherwise be in the spotlight.

Many people don’t know Japanese, and the show may have a hard time getting people to interact with characters they don ‘t know well.

That said, it works because it is a unique show that shows how the Japanese can express themselves through the use of language and culture, which is something that is missing in other countries.

Japanese shows tend not to take themselves too seriously and are often very entertaining, which can be very appealing to a wide range of viewers.