With the government on the brink of a massive crisis, many Filipinos are now fearing the jalan is on the verge of being overrun by a virus.

According to a new report from Reuters, the city has been under quarantine since March because of a coronavirus outbreak, which has led to a surge in cases in the Philippines.

According the report, the government has set up a hotline and is deploying 3,500 health workers to combat the virus, which is also causing serious shortages of food, medicine and other necessities.

While some countries around the world have had to declare a state of emergency in response to coronaviruses, the Philippines has never had one.

In fact, many residents have come to rely on local supplies, and a lack of government supplies has caused a shortage in food and medicine.

“It’s a great moment, because it’s a big problem, and it’s one that can’t be solved by just one government, because there are many factors,” said Dr. Miguel Avila, president of the Philippine Association of Medical Examiners.

The crisis began with a coronovirus outbreak that was detected in January.

The outbreak has caused an alarming spike in coronaviral cases, with more than 5,000 cases reported.

Authorities have also warned of a rise in new cases of the virus as well as the spread of the deadly coronavirinavirus.

At the height of the outbreak, the number of people living in the country was around 2 million.

According it’s own statistics, the country’s population is now about 7.7 million.

While there is a lot of worry about the outbreak as a whole, the health ministry has also warned people not to travel alone.

The government has already ordered a quarantine for visitors and those with close family members.

The government has also asked anyone who has traveled overseas for the past month to get tested for the coronavire.