The new season of The Next Good Man has a new star, and her name is actress Sian Adams.

The British actress, whose real name is Emma Davies, will play a bisexual character in the upcoming season.

The showrunner, Chris Lloyd, confirmed the news on Twitter, saying Adams is “the most amazing person to play my gay male lead”.

Adams has a number of roles under her belt including TV, films, and commercials, and she’s already been spotted in the UK’s first openly gay wedding.

She’s been seen as the star of the upcoming Season 3 premiere of The Great British Bake Off, and will be seen in a number more episodes of the BBC’s new show, Doctor Who.

As well as being the first openly trans actress in the show’s history, Adams is also a huge fan of the show and says she’ll be excited to see the show continue to evolve.

“I love this show, and I’m excited to do more, but I am also so excited for Sian to be on the show,” she said.

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Being the first trans person to star in a British show has been a bit of a dream come true for me, and hopefully to bring more trans people to the role.”

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